Follow Along with The Mission Team in Guatemala! Updated!

Hello Everyone! 
I'll be in Guatemala from Wednesday, January 3, to Tuesday, January 16, with a team from Open Range Fellowship. While I am gone, Bill will be mapping out our movements and updating this page on a regular basis.

Pray and Engage

Please engage in this trip with us by asking God to empower and encourage us to follow His lead in initiating and developing friendships with the Guatemalan people. 

Day 1 Wednesday, January 3, 2018 - Travel Day

UPDATE: Sam, Micheal and Renato arrived safely in Amberes on Wednesday evening. Steve was stuck in KC unable to get a seat to Dallas.

  • Where: Kansas City to Dallas to Guatemala City to Cesar's home in Amberes, Guatemala
  • Who: Steve Reed, Sam Anderson, Micheal Macias, Renato Quadreli (from Brazil)
  • How: Airplanes (5 hrs) and 4X4 Pickup (1.5 hrs)

Day 2 Thursday, January 4, 2018 - Guatemalan PSE Experience

UPDATE: The PSE Experience at Cesar's home had about 20 people. The event went well. They had a great time playing horseshoes. Michael said, "The group stared out real quiet, but at the end people were like old friends." The groups where able push through the "uncomfortable" and connect with God and each other. Please pray that they will continue to Play. Story. and Eat. together. Steve made it to Amberes Thursday evening. Yeah God!

  • Purpose: To equip Guatemalan pastors and believers to initiate and develop PSE Friendship Circles
  • Where: Cesar's home in Amberes, Guatemala
  • Who: Steve, Sam, Micheal, Renato, many pastors and potential PSE disciplers.
  • How: We will Play. (horseshoes) Story. (story activities) & Eat. (Guatemalan pot-luck)
Play. Story. Eat. Experience Amberes, Guatemala July 2017

Play. Story. Eat. Experience Amberes, Guatemala July 2017

Day 3 Friday, January 5, 2018 - Chiquimulilla Cattlemen's Gathering



Potholders Open Hearts and Minds to the Gospel!

Cesar Shares Gospel using potholders!

Cesar Shares Gospel using potholders!

I wish I had the time to share the stories of today. In a nutshell, after making friends with some ranchers and friends of Oscar (Coca) Melgar, Sam spoke from horseback and Renato shared his faith story. But it was the potholders that gave us a spark to present a salvation message.

Several prayed to receive Christ and a new PSE group is forming.

A New PSE Christian Rancher Group Formed! Ranchers and Friends of Coca Melgar

A New PSE Christian Rancher Group Formed! Ranchers and Friends of Coca Melgar

  • Purpose: To share the Gospel and invite engagement in Christian Rancher Groups/PSE Friendship Circles (joined by our friends Oscar "Coca" Melgar and his cousin, Alex Melgar)
  • Where: Oscar's ranch in Chiquimulilla, Guatemala
  • Who: Steve, Sam, Micheal, Renato, "Coca," Alex, ranchers from the region
  • How: We will play rancher games, share the gospel and our salvation stories, encourage them to join or form Christian Rancher Groups/PSE Friendship Circles, and enjoy a meal together.


Renato Sharing the Gospel!

Renato Sharing the Gospel!

Day 4 Saturday, January 6, 2018 - Agua Blanca Rodeo

Last year at the Agua Blanca rodeo many of the bull-riders came to Christ. Since then, Cesar has visited several of them in their homes and helped them start new Christian Rancher groups.

UPDATE:  In Agua Blanca we invited our old and new bull-rider friends to play horseshoes in the arena in front of the early crowd. Renato gave his testimony. The team re-connected with the bull riders and promised to meet them in their homes to encourage the PSE/Christians Rancher groups. Much to our surprise, 8 of the bull-riders were from Brazil! Renato connected with the Brazilians. They plan to continue the relationships back home and see were God leads. The team was unable to do the Brand skit but it worked out for the best. 

Bull-rider Horseshoes Agua Blanca Rodeo

Bull-rider Horseshoes Agua Blanca Rodeo

  • Purpose: To share a Gospel Invitation with everyone attending the rodeo, and to equip and encourage our bull-rider friends as they develop their CRG/PSE Friendship Circles 
  • Where: Agua Blanca, Guatemala
  • Who: Steve, Sam, Micheal, Renato, rodeo crowd, cowboys, bull-riders
  • How: We will enjoy the rodeo, present Gospel skit "The Brand" written by our friend Keith Moody, encourage our bull-rider friends to develop and form new Christian Rancher Groups/PSE FC's, and connect over a meal together.

Day 5 Sunday, January 7, 2018 - Serve Jalpatagua, a Grieving Community

The original Jalpatagua Fair plan was to participate in the parade and activities for their annual celebration. But the president of the cattlemen's association was murdered just a few weeks ago, so they canceled all activities except for ours. 

UPDATE: We attended a joint meeting of the women's association and the cattlemen's association. Cesar did a great job addressing the murder of their leader. He expressed our condolences and promised we would continue to pray for them and their town. Latter we laughed together while roping the steer heads. Diana, one of the Guatemalan ladies on our team shared the Gospel using the potholders. Renato give his testimony and about 5 or 6 people responded to the salvation message.

  • Purpose: To serve this grieving community as God leads, present Gospel message with invitation, encourage new CRG's/PSE FC's
  • Where: Jalpatagua, Guatemala
  • Who: Steve, Sam, Micheal, Renato, rancher families from the region
  • How: We will hear their stories, share the gospel and our salvation stories, encourage them to join or form Christian Rancher Groups/PSE Friendship Circles, and share a meal together.

Day 6 Monday, January 8, 2018 - Equine Therapy Ministry

UPDATE: Yesterday Sam did a great job doing the equine therapy demonstration at Humberto Solares ranch. In doing that we did get a chance to also play and organize for a new PSE group that will meet weekly at Humberto's. We finished the day singing in three languages!


Humberto Solares, a friend, is setting up his ranch to do an Equine Therapy program for special needs children. Humberto also has a Christian Rancher group meeting at his ranch.

  • Purpose: To equip and encourage Humberto and the ministry team in the CRG/PSE Process
  • Where: Humberto's ranch in Santa Rosa de Lima, Guatemala
  • Who: Steve, Sam, Micheal, Renato, Humberto, Equine Therapy team, and the CRG/PSE group
  • How: We will be there to encourage his group and reinforce the PSE discipleship process that has already been started.

Love y'all!