Thanksgiving--Your Opportunity to Start a PSE Tradition

Hello everyone! 

As I get the car all gassed up for a trip to see family and friends, I am thinking about how the best Thanksgiving celebrations go hand in hand with our Play. Story. Eat. process. I don't know about your family, but we Reeds have some favorite games we play, we LOVE telling stories, and we sure enjoy a bounty of great food.

To spice up your celebration this year, I'd invite you to use the first two questions of our PSE discipleship process in the next few days, and you don't even have to tell anybody where you got this! 

"What are you grateful for?"

"What are you concerned about?" 

These two questions are great for getting to the heart of our joys and sorrows. Then follow that up with question #3, "Can I pray with you about that?" Try it and let me know if something interesting pops out from it. 

Speaking of gratitude and prayer, last week I mentioned how grateful I was that Nola survived a car accident. This week I am grateful for friends like you who have continued to pray for us and our ministry friends.

Thank you for your prayers...

Thanks for your prayers for Bill and me last week as we retreated to Carthage, Missouri, to pray and plan for 2018. Special thanks go to Lance and Nancy Green for hosting us. Incidentally, while we were there, Lance's father went into the hospital with chest pains, and Sunday evening he passed away. So be in prayer for the Green family. 

Opportunities in 2018 

During our planning time, we listed many of the opportunities before us and the tasks needed to follow through to respond to these. Though the tasks seem daunting, we feel a profound sense that God is doing something new with us this coming year. While our mission trips and international ministries continue to abound, we believe that our connections in helping folks like you and me back home is becoming more and more strategic, both in preparing teams for mission projects abroad and in preparing all us for our missionary endeavors wherever we happen to call home.  

How will God use you in 2018 to make a difference in your world? 

Though many aspects of our future can never be fully known, one thing is for certain. God wants to use YOUR gifts, talents, and abilities to initiate and develop spiritual friendships with people who need someone like you and me in their life. We are convinced that the simple methodologies of Play. Story. Eat. could help you become the life-giving friend that God created you to be.

Pastor Lance Green (in green), wife Nancy (3rd from left, back row) and some of our Avilla Baptist Church PSE Friends

Pastor Lance Green (in green), wife Nancy (3rd from left, back row) and some of our Avilla Baptist Church PSE Friends

10:02 PRAYER (LUKE 10:2)

Pray for the Green family.

Pray for Cesar as he travels to the jungle today for the first time since his surgery.

Continue to pray for Leonel Gonzalez, Cesar and Elba Gonzalez' grandson. He is still in the hospital with a brain tumor that doesn't look good.

Also pray for our friend, Frank Slaughter, pastor of Open Range Fellowship. He left Sunday for Mexico for a 5-week treatment program for his cancer.   

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Be alert to see how Thanksgiving and PSE can go hand-in-hand to help you connect in meaningful ways with those you love!   

Love y'all!