Ooops! I Forgot!...A Bank Teller Catches You In the Act!

Good morning all!

One of our newest members on our updates called me yesterday and said "Steve, I'd like to send my $10.02 to you, but in your email you didn't tell me where to send it." 

Ooops! My bad. I will include it at the bottom of this page and will do my best to remember to do that for future updates. 

While I've got your attention, I want to tell you that our bank teller is on to us! Yesterday when I went in to get my cash for the upcoming trip to Guatemala and Honduras, I also made a deposit. As the teller was going over the deposit he kept looking back and forth from a particular check to the deposit slip. "Is there supposed to be two cents added to this one?" he asked. I looked down and noticed that we had left off .02 on one of the checks.

"Yes, I believe we missed that one!" I said. "Thanks!" Since I had already told him about going to Guatemala, I added, "In fact, when you see a funny number with an .02 at the end of the amount, it means someone is praying Luke 10:2 for our ministry--that God would send more workers to help."

"Wow! That's cool" the teller responded.  "Hope you have a great trip!" 

Let's keep confusing our bank tellers! Here's the giving info below...

Love y'all!


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