Make a DIFFERENCE today at 10:02 am/pm

    The Prayer Jesus Wants Us to Pray ...  

    At the Play.Story.Eat. Experience in Kansas City a few weeks ago, an unexpected thing happened. I had just highlighted some of the open doors presented to us for the coming year. I had mentioned the fact that we now have invitations to go to 10 new countries and have dozens of opportunities in virtually every aspect of our ministries in Guatemala and Honduras.  

    In sharing this reality, I asked for prayer support like we have never had before. In short, I asked the 22 of us at the retreat to recruit friends to pray Jesus' words from Luke 10:2. Jesus said...

    "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field." Luke 10:2

    As an aside, I mentioned that a friend of mine had challenged his friends to set their alarms for 10:02 am or pm each day to remember to pray that God would send out workers into His harvest.

    "Let's do that right now!" exclaimed Susan Taylor, a longtime friend of ours here in Kansas City. So a few of us set our phone alarms right then--some for 10:02 am and some 10:02 pm. Every day since the retreat, we have been getting "interrupted" to stop and pray.  

    Would you be willing to get interrupted too? And would you take one more step beyond that? 

    What is God calling you to do with regard to the harvest?  

    God wants you and me engaged in some aspect of bringing in His harvest. In coming updates I want to unfold more of how we can do it together. For today, I want to invite you to do three things...

    1. Pray the Luke 10:2 Daily Prayer and invite others to join you. 

    If setting an alarm at 10:02 am/pm helps you remember, please join us in that. If you have another time that you regularly can pray, please do. And by all means, invite others to join us. 

    2. Invest $10.02 in this endeavor.

    On the financial side of things, we need help like never before. This year we are committing to spend more resources to train up Play.Story.Eat. missionaries of all interests and backgrounds to get to the newer countries and the newer opportunities.  

    Without going into a long itemized list, we need to raise an extra $38,920 for the first phase of our strategy to go to the nations. Beyond that, we need to raise at least another $10,980 to expand our training online in both English and Spanish. 

    To break this down, here's some weird math. Adding up the extras from above ($38,920 + 10,980 = $49,900) and dividing that number by the 415 of us on this update, that equals......$10.02 a month!! 

    So if those of us on this update prayed at 10:02 am/pm and then gave $10.02 a month extra, we could be both praying for and providing for the funding to walk through the open doors before us and the plentiful harvest that is calling out to us.     

    3. Engage in Play.Story.Eat. Training and Trips.

    In addition to praying and giving, consider where God wants you engaged personally. We have all kinds of trips coming up. Pray about that. 

    While our training (Play.Story.Eat. Experience) helps you get strategically prepared for a mission trip, please consider engaging in this training for your own increased ministry effectiveness at home. 

    Note that we have a Play.Story.Eat. Experience coming up June 23-24 at the Open Range Fellowship in Lone Jack, Missouri. We would be thrilled to bring this same training to you and your church. 

    Ready to take the 10:02 challenge? Me too. Let us know if we could support you in what God is calling you to do.  

    Love y'all! 


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