A Grass Roots discipleship Movement in Nebraska!

Good morning everyone! 

We just got home from a busy weekend with many of our Nebraska friends. Wow! What a great time! The primary purpose for the trip was to share our Play. Story. Eat. Experience at Camp Witness in Long Pine, Nebraska.  

NebraskA Friends Eager to Make a difference with the PSE Discipleship Process.

We couldn't have asked for a more receptive group, and several shared how they were planning to take the training and use it with their friends and family.

"Words can't describe how thankful I am you came to Nebraska to present your (PSE) method," one participant wrote us. "Just a year ago I was at rock bottom and had no hope..."  She concluded her note by saying, "I can't wait to start using this...and see how He can use the broken and unqualified...It was such a joy meeting you guys!!"

Joel Wentworth, Coordinator for the Sand Hills Baptist Association and the primary organizer for the training, gave his feedback. "I see this as a grass roots way of reaching the people of the Sand Hills for Christ."

Thanks, Burwell! 

On Sunday, we had the privilege of spending time at Burwell Baptist to share the latest of what is going on in our work and to thank them for their faithful support of our partner, Cesar Gonzalez. Special thanks go to Tom Huffman and Dave Gideon for hosting us and paving the way for us to be there. Stay tuned, Burwell, because it looks like we will be back soon!  

Pray for Sue Turner...

Marianne Henley(Daughter), Sue Turner, Steve and Sonja Beavers(Daughter).

Marianne Henley(Daughter), Sue Turner, Steve and Sonja Beavers(Daughter).

As we headed for Nebraska, our longtime rancher friend, Lawrence Turner, called to say that he couldn't make it to the retreat because his wife, Sue, had been life-flighted unconscious from Valentine to Omaha and was in critical condition. Since we would be passing close by the hospital on the way up, we stopped in to see her. Thankfully she has beaten some of the medical odds and is recovering. Please pray that her kidneys kick back in completely and that they can find a temporary nursing facility in Omaha or Lincoln that will be able to help her rehabilitate and go home to Valentine. 

Getting Ready for a Harvest... 

Paul Embick arranged a corn harvest ride along for honorary farmers Steve & Bill!

Paul Embick arranged a corn harvest ride along for honorary farmers Steve & Bill!

One of the personal benefits of having friends and family all over Nebraska was the chance to stop in and catch up a bit at several points on the way up and back. Special thanks go to Rex and Deb Kelley, Paul Embick, and my son Josh and his wife, Kristin, for making each stop a treat for us. We especially enjoyed hearing of the ministry ideas each one had and getting a chance to share how PSE might help them in reaching out to their friends. There's nothing like getting in on a harvest! 

10:02 PRAYER (LUKE 10:2)

Please be in prayer for Joel Wentworth and the other PSE friends from the retreat as they consider how to implement some things they learned this weekend. And pray for Sue Turner's speedy recovery.

Also, Cesar Gonzalez, our partner in Guatemala, wants me to pass on his gratitude to you for your continued prayers and support. He is back to making rounds in Guatemala after recovering from his emergency prostate surgery. His strength is coming back, and next week he will be in the jungle with our Kekchi friends. Please pray for him and our friends! 

Thanks to those in Nebraska who hosted us and put us up. We are grateful for your partnership in both time and financial resources. Stay tuned for some strategic, end-of-the-year opportunities for us to make a difference together in some new mission partnerships.          

From now till the end of the year, we need to recruit many for the upcoming mission trips beginning in January of 2018. Please share these opportunities with your friends. If you need more info, let us know!  

Love y'all!