Who We Are

Play. Story. Eat. is a ministry of Daybreak International that helps people gather and connect in meaningful ways. If you'd like to support us financially, you can do so here.

Our Team

steve reed bio

Steve Reed (Co-Founder)

Steve's passion is missions and helping people find true, lasting community.

bill burrows bio.jpg

Bill Burrows (Co-Founder)

Bill's passion is helping others connect in life-giving ways by seeing one another as image-bearers, not objects.

What We Believe

Our Mission 

Play. Story. Eat. exists to initiate and develop friendships among the marginalized and forgotten peoples of the Americas in order to encourage and promote transformational relationships with Jesus, and multiplying faith communities that reflect the love of God in unity.  

Our Vision

Every person in the Americas has a friend who loves Jesus.

Our Core Values

1. Love  

Love is being wholeheartedly and simultaneously responsive to the reality of God, others and ourselves.

Helpful diagnostic— Am I loving?

In relation to God:

  • Am I grateful instead of resentful?

  • Am I trusting instead of unbelieving?

  • Am I cooperating instead of resisting?

  • Am I serving instead of earning or performing?

In relation to myself:

  • Am I assured or full of shame?

  • Am I at peace or at war?  

  • Am I self-aware or self-justifying?   

  • Am I self-forgetful or self-focused?

In relation to others:

  • Am I accepting or judging?  

  • Am I inviting or rejecting?  

  • Am I connecting or avoiding?  

  • Am I investing in people or using them?  

2. Faith, Repentance, and Reconciliation

Christian faith is...

Belief and trust in the Gospel of Jesus Christ that enables and encourages consistent obedience, producing whole-hearted lovers of God and people.

Repentance is...

The moment-by-moment choice of moving from resisting God to responding to God in our thoughts, emotions, actions, and relationships.  

Reconciliation is...

The mutual restoration of relationship that results in oneness with God, others, and ourselves.

3. Friendships

We pursue connection with both God and each other by cultivating a culture of relational transformation.

To build friendships, we initiate and develop:

  • Mutual acceptance

  • Joy through shared experiences

  • Mutual authenticity and openness

  • Shared understanding through our stories

  • Mutual trust, commitment, and investment

  • Mutual consideration and courage in our expressions of love

4. Agency

Agency is our freedom given by God to be able to choose our response to Him, to others, to ourselves, and to God’s creation.    

We are responsible for what we think, feel, act and say in relationship to God, others, and ourselves. We recognize that every person has the ability and the opportunity to respond rather than resist, no matter what the circumstances.

5. Oneness

We pursue unity with God, ourselves, and others—the intimate, collective, relational pursuit of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  

  • We obtain peace with God and others

  • We engage with peace during conflict

  • We invite to dialogue instead of defending positions

  • We validate and respect the opinions, concerns, and expectations of others

  • We work to gain mutual understanding (clarity of mind, heart, and will)

  • We together, ask and listen for God to express His truth, expectations, and will

  • We pursue a vision of oneness by together choosing to align with His will

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